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Rental Terms & Conditions of Levantino Rentals

Read the Terms & Conditions about renting a vehicle from our company

  • FDW Full Insurance with ZERO EXCESS: With this insurance the excess amount in case of damage is zero – 0€. 
  • No down payment. 
  • No credit card required!

Our prices include:

  • All taxes, VAT and all kinds of fees, there are no hidden costs
  • Basic insurance package for Scooters & ATVs &  CARS
  • Free Delivery – Receipt across the island in the working hours
  • Vehicle replacement (subjects to vehicles availability) in case of damage
  • 24hour Roadside Assistance
  • Unlimited Kms
  • Extra driver

Required documents:

  • Valid driver’s license for all declared drivers
  • International driver’s license if required (please read the below paragraph “Driver’s License”)
  • Passport or National ID for all declared drivers

All the booking details (online or phone booking) must be valid. Our company declares the right to refuse the rental if the booking details are not valid.

Driver’s License

The driving license must be issued at least one year before the pick-up date.
National Driving Licenses issued in the E.U. are accepted.
Citizens of all other countries must have a valid International Driver’s License along with their regular Driver’s License. 

Driver’s age

The driver must be over:
20 years old for renting a car
19 years old for renting an ATV
17 years old for renting a Scooter 50cc
18 years old for renting a Scooter 125cc and up
The upper age limit is 75 years for all vehicle categories.

Bookings and Vehicle Groups

All reservations are based on vehicle groups and not on a specific vehicle model. We try to assign to each reservation the chosen vehicle model. However, if the chosen model becomes unavailable, our company reserves the right to offer a similar model. A similar model will be a vehicle in the same group – category as the chosen model. Also, our company reserves the right to offer a model of a bigger group – category with no extra charge (free upgrade). 

Booking duration and minimum rental fee

The minimum booking duration is one day and the maximum is 30 days.

The minimum charge regardless of rental duration is one day.

If you wish to rent a vehicle for more than 30 days, please contact us for a quote, as the rental agreement must be renewed every 30 days.

If the renter wishes to keep the rental longer than the agreed period, the renter must contact our company no later than 2 days before returning the vehicle to request an extension based on availability. The extension is valid only after the change is made in the lease contract. 

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your reservation whenever you want, without any consequences or commitment. 

No Show Policy

In the event that the renter does not pick up the vehicle on the agreed rental start date and time without prior written or telephone conversation, after 2 hours the reservation will be canceled. 

Late returns

During the low and medium rental season a delay of up to 2 hours will not be charged extra. During the high season, the maximum acceptable delay without extra cost is 20 minutes. Beyond the 20 minute delay, the customer will be charged an additional rental day based on our company’s pricing policy during the high season. 

Fuel Policy

The renter has to return the vehicle with the same fuel level as delivered.
If the renter returns the vehicle with less fuel than he received it, then the renter will be charged the difference in fuel. There is no refund if the renter returns the vehicle with more fuel than was received. 

Baby Child seats

We have two types of seats

  • Baby seat: 0-18 Kg
  • Child seat: Booster 18-36 Kg

The child seats are available after request and subject to availability. The first child seat is free. For extra seats the cost is 4 €/day for all types. 

Extra drivers

The 1st extra driver is free. If you need more than one driver the cost is 4€ per day per driver. 

Animals and Pets

They are not allowed in the car. 

Vehicle cleaning fee:

If the car on return is very dirty then you will be charged 30€ + VAT for cleaning the vehicle. 


Full insurance package for cars

Basic insurance package for Scooters and ATVs.

Our basic insurance coverage includes:

  • Third Party Insurance (T.P.I or T.P.L)
  • Material Damages
  • Material damage from an uninsured vehicle
  • Fire Insurance
  • Theft Insurance

Extra insurance package

For cars

FDW Full Insurance with ZERO EXCESS: With this insurance the excess amount in case of damage is zero – 0€. 

For scooters

If the lessee wishes then with an additional charge of 10€ per day he can choose to have full insurance with an additional amount of 0€. With this insurance, in case of damage, the renter’s responsibility is zero – €0.

For ATVs

If the lessee wishes then with an additional charge can choose to have full insurance with excess amount 500€ + VAT. With this insurance, in the event of damage, the renter’s liability is limited to the excess amount. 

What is not covered by any insurance

  • Damages caused by a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Damages caused by an unauthorized driver.
  • Damages in the interior of the vehicle
  • Damages that were caused because the vehicle being illegally parked
  • Damages due to traffic law violation.
  • Damages due to inappropriate driving, negligence, or intentional.
  • Damages to the engine by wrong fuel or negligence.
  • Damages were caused because the vehicle was used off-road or in not appropriate roads (not paved roads, dirt roads, beaches, etc.).
  • Damages that were caused after the agreed return time.
  • Damage to the mirrors.
  • Damages or loss of tires, rims, hubcaps.
  • Damages to the underside of the vehicle.
  • Damages or loss of the antenna
  • Damages caused willfully or recklessly by the renter, e.g. (burning out the clutch, burning out the tires, sitting or standing on the bonnet, or the roof or the boot lid of the vehicle, etc.)
  • If the renter at the time of the accident does not notify our company and the police
  • Loss of personal items
  • Loss, damage, or theft of vehicle keys
  • Loss or damage of child seats, jack, safety triangle, spare wheel, petrol cap, or any accessories.
  • Total or part theft, in cases where the theft was caused due to renter’s negligence. (e.g., forgot the engine keys on the vehicle, etc.)
  • Traffic fines or other administrative sanctions may result from any violation of the Greek Traffic Law.

Fixed compensation amounts due to damage/loss/negligence

  • Car key: simple 150€, special 300€
  • Scooter & ATV key: simple 30€, special 45€
  • Baby seat: infant 100€, booster 60€
  • Car & ATV aluminum rim: 100€/pc
  • Scooter aluminum rim: 80€/pc.
  • Car floor mats: 20€/pc
  • Dirty seats: 30€

Ferrying the car

It is expressly forbidden to transport Scooters and ATVs outside the island, while cars are only allowed if the company has been informed and with an additional fee per day of 15 euros per day. 

Traffic fines or other administrative sanctions

The renter must pay traffic fines, or any administrative sanctions may result from any violation of the Greek Traffic Law. The renter can pay the fines in cash or with a credit card. If any fine becomes required after the rental period, our company will charge the renter’s credit card the amount of the fine.

If the police or other authority removes the registration plates during the rental, the renter must compensate our company immediately. The compensation amount will be calculated by multiplying the total number of days that the vehicle will be without registration plates with the per-day rental price from the current season.

Other terms

The renter is liable and obliged to indemnify the company for damages resulting from a lack of care (in the absence of a waiver contract). He must also lock the car properly in a suitable and safe place.

During the rental period, the car may not be used:

  • In violation of this agreement
  • To carry passengers or goods for a fee
  • To carry more passengers than the license requires
  • To carry heavy objects or smelly goods or drugs
  • To tow another car or trailer
  • In speed car races on special routes, etc
  • In general, for any purpose contrary to Greek Laws

The rental company is not responsible for the loss or damage of the customer’s belongings, which are on board the vehicle.

The lessor company has the right to terminate the rental contract without consequences if it considers that the lessee is detrimental to the interests of the company, or does not comply with road traffic rules and violates the terms of the contract.

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